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Written by Larry Grinnell   
Tuesday, 30 June 2015 23:29

by Larry Grinnell, GFA Secretary and Webmaster (and editor of the 2015 edition of The Descendants of Matthew and Rose (French) Greenell)

Well, the reunion is almost here, and unfortunately, the book isn’t – or at least won’t be available at the reunion as I had hoped. In the closing weeks of this project, I encountered a number of technical hurdles that had to be overcome, and in the end, I ran out of time.

As it relates to the new Grinnell genealogy book, here’s what you will see at the reunion:

  • A final draft, printed by our friendly neighborhood Kinkos/FedEx office, using the same files that will be used to print the final book.
  • A general idea of what the cover artwork will look like.
  • A demo of what the final e-pub version (Kindle, Nook) will most likely look like.
  • A presentation of what it took to put this massive project together, at one of the banquets.


Our printer/publisher,, is busily working on the final product. At the time this blog is being written, we expect to be able to make available, within a month or two of the Reunion, an e-commerce website where you can order one or more of the following (prices not yet finalized):


  • Hardcover book in four volumes, totaling about 2,600 pages
  • Softcover book in four volumes, also totaling about 2,600 pages (at a discount over the hardcover book).
  • E-pub version compatible with the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and several others. As the e-pub process is fairly new, and this is a huge, heavily-formatted book, some versions may work better than others. In my own initial tests, I have found that the Kindle version seems to work a little better than the Nook version, though both are fairly slow, at least on my Apple iPad using the Kindle or Nook reader applications. The price for these versions should be substantially lower than the printed versions.

We will have a link on our website in a few weeks that will steer you to the site Lulu is building for us. is doing the GFA a great service (not for free, by any means!) of taking the order, printing to order (the book is not printed until an order comes in), binding, shipping, collecting sales tax where required, and whatever is left comes back to the GFA treasury as a quarterly check. We are doing it this way over printing a couple hundred copies (the way Medina Ed Grinnell did for the original Charts and Chronicles of Matthew Grenelle’s Descendants because no one wants to be responsible for safely storing and shipping them as orders trickle in, and for this, I don't blame them! There’s also the issue of how to pay the sales tax when the rules are different for each state. I am still working a demanding full-time job, and simply don’t have the time to take the order, pick up the book at a warehouse, box it, schlep it to the post office or a FedEx store, and ship it. The "print on demand" model was more or less the method we used to print the 1997 version of The Descendants of Matthew and Rose (French) Greenell, but we went real low rent on that one, because we knew it wouldn’t be the final version. Heck, this one might not be the final version. I do know that this is probably my last book, and it will be up to someone with more time and energy than me to do the next edition.

That said, see you in New Bedford!

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