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Written by Larry Grinnell   
Sunday, 17 April 2011 16:56

Josiah Bushnell Grinnell was the personal recipient of famed New York publisher Horace Greeley's admonition to "go west young man!" West is where he went, founding the town of Grinnell, Iowa, and later founding Grinnell College in the same town. Both thrive to this day.






Without the diligent efforts of George Bird Grinnell, the oral histories and traditions of native Americans may never have been recorded for posterity. Famed explorer, naturalist, and pioneer conservationist, Grinnell was instrumental in establishing the National Park system. The Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park is named for him.





Frederick Grinnell, of Providence, Rhode Island, invented the first commercially viable fire protection sprinkler system. The company that bears his name is still, over 100 years later, the industry leader. The Grinnell Corporation also has a fine web site.




Carroll Calkins Grinnell, an engineer and later General Manager of the Far East of the General Electric Co., served with quiet distinction while interned in Manila, Phillipine Islands, protecting fellow internees. He was executed late in the war and posthumously presented with the United States of America's highest civilian honor, the Medal of Freedom.




New Bedford, MA's Captain Henry Grinnell was a famous Indian scout, sailor, and adventurer.





No Image Henry Grinnell, son of shipbuilder and seafarer Cornelius and Sylvia (Howland) Grinnell, was a wealthy financier, who helped provide funding for Arctic exploration. For his efforts, a portion of Ellesmere Island in the Arctic was named Grinnell Land.

Joseph Grinnell, son of Cornelius and Sylvia (Howland) Grinnell, of New Bedford, MA was the founder of the famed Wamsutta Mills, still a major producer of textile products.





Moses Hicks Grinnell, yet another overachieving son of Cornelius and Sylvia, was a U.S. Congressman from the state of New York. He was also one of the early developers of real estate in Key West, Florida, in the middle 1850s.





No Image George Grinnell was a prominent 5-term member of Congress, serving from 1828-1839, and a Presidential Elector in 1840. Prior to and following his service in Congress, he served with distinction as a prosecutor, and later on the bench in Franklin County, MA.

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