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Website Progress Report #2 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Larry Grinnell   
Friday, 11 January 2013 17:56

I promised I would advise you, dear readers, from time to time about the progress of bringing back some much-loved features of the GFA website. I must admit I have been extremely remiss in this area. Much of the problem is that I have taken on way too many projects at home, and in the community; mainly a demanding job that requires me to make a 42 mile one-way commute, and a board membership for the Palm Beach Phoenix Apple User Group. I also maintain an active membership in the local chapter of the Society for Technical Communications. Lastly, I'm a lifelong procrastinator; something that often goes hand-in-hand with depression and anxiety. I've got every excuse, good and bad (and finally some great medications!), that I 've used to put off this project or that. It's a matter of getting off my duff to get busy, as it were.

All of that said, I do really intend to do better in 2013. Here's what I have done in the past year, if only to prove to myself and to you that I've done something!

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Writers Wanted! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Larry Grinnell   
Saturday, 19 May 2012 12:55

We are looking for writers to add Grinnell-related content to our website as well as our excellent newsletter. Your fearless webmaster and newsletter editor cannot do it alone. Operating a website such as this requires content and lots of it. The demand for fresh content never ends, nor does our own.

We're looking for articles on Grinnell history, notable (in a big way or small) people of Grinnell ancestry, stories about businesses owned by Grinnells (especially if the Grinnell name is in the business name), and pretty much anything else you can think of that might have some relationship to Grinnells.

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Chuck Ketchum Resigns from GFA Board PDF Print E-mail
Written by Larry Grinnell   
Saturday, 27 August 2011 01:34

We regret to announce the resignation of Chuck Ketchum from the Grinnell Family Association of America Board of Directors, citing health reasons. Chuck has served the GFA in a number of capacities with great distinction for a number of years, including that of treasurer and genealogy committee chair. GFA President Kathleen L. G. Asbury, in a communication with Chuck, stated: "Thank you so very, very much for your years of devoted service to our group.  We sincerely appreciate all you have done to keep "our ship" running smoothly."

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We're On Facebook! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Larry Grinnell   
Friday, 17 June 2011 16:26

Thanks to our intrepid team of GFA leaders, we have a presence on Facebook! If we can get a certain number of "likes," we will be able to get a more web-friendly URL. I think the number is 50 or 100.

Meanwhile, enjoy the little tidbits that Marj Murray and Kathy Asbury have been putting on the Facebook page.

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We're Back! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Larry Grinnell   
Tuesday, 19 April 2011 00:34

After the absence of several months, the Grinnell Family Association of America, Inc. is proud to announce that our website is back!

In late January, 2011, the GFA webserver, which was running on a Mac mini computer at the home of GFA Secretary and Webmaster, Larry Grinnell, suffered a massive and unrecoverable failure. The problem was compounded by the lack of a recent, full backup. Suffice it to say, we've scrambled to rebuild our member database, and we moved the site to a hosted server, which gives us a number of advantages (automated backups, faster performance, more web-based services possible, etc.).

The recovery is not going to be an overnight thing, though we have come a long way in a short period of time. The restored site consists of the static content that had been on the old server for years, along with a few interesting articles that have been published in recent GFA newsletters. I've added a few more stories, and much more content will be coming over the next few months. Here are the plans:

  • Website basic content recovery -- End of April, 2011 Done!
  • Forums and Photo Albums -- late May, 2011 Done!
  • Membership account restoration, password assignments, etc. -- late May, 2011
  • Online Genealogy Database and Newsletter Downloads -- late June, 2011

Speaking with the webmaster hat, there's so much I intend to do, and I hope to show you all some new and interesting services. Stay tuned!

Larry Grinnell, GFA Secretary and Webmaster

PS: If you want to read the whole sordid story, please feel free to read my blog at

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